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Can I let you know I haven’t received the correct change for my order, I have been given £3.35 from the driver and it should be £5.35, The driver said he hasn’t been given the correct amount from the shop, could you advise please? Regards Dawn

Dawn, 27 Mar 2021

Great service friendly staff

Tora, 14 Feb 2021

Great service and friendly staff

Tora, 14 Feb 2021

Easy to use web site

Trevor, 08 Jan 2021

Paid twice for the pizza. It was £29 but when I checked my bank. It said -£29 and -£29 thats nearly up to £60. Phoned datman but still they not responded about it. I only ordered pizza deal and milkshakes. Why they not refunded me???

Jugdeep, 04 Jan 2021

easy web site to use, great service, ready on time fantastic quality, will use again and again

Mike, 31 Dec 2020

Didn't take my 15 percent off

Louise, 24 Dec 2020

Just to let you know, the offer codes don't work. Had an order for £15.10 and it didn't work, so I didn't bother ordering direct and went through just eat instead. Surely thats bad as I expect you make less money through a just eat order.

Callum, 03 Dec 2020

Missing one set fries and a large bottle of pop?????

Caroline, 16 Oct 2020

Our favourite pizza takeaway. The best in the West Midlands!

Lee, 29 Aug 2020

Guys it was REALLY delicious tonight thank you

Lee, 02 Aug 2020

Very good food

Amanda, 21 Jul 2020


Grzegorz, 28 Jun 2020

Hi guys, I was wondering if there would be any interest from yourselves to sponsor a new Sunday League football team in Coventry. Your logo would be on our kits, and it would increase your brand exposure.

Cameron Kanda, 25 Jun 2020


Justyna, 07 Jun 2020

Just messaging confirm amendment of order no. 945474942. On Just eat I accidentally ordered using the wrong address of 100 Nuneaton Road. I’ve just rang up and changed that delivery address to 31 Hanbury Road. Kindest regards

Lee Worrall, 05 Jun 2020

Worth the money

Amanda, 15 May 2020

No problems at all

Mark, 08 May 2020

Dinner meat missing

Simon, 18 Apr 2020

Chips had a funny taste like they had been fried with something that had tainted the taste

Kelly, 20 Mar 2020


Extremely late

Mace, 20 Mar 2020


Piotr, 13 Mar 2020


Piotr Kuczynski, 06 Mar 2020

Always good

Amanda, 24 Feb 2020


Ashley, 22 Feb 2020

Always good fresh tasty food and really quick.

Joanne, 24 Jan 2020